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Applications This microprocessor-controlled unit is used throughout the world andapplies to metallurgy petrol petrifaction chemistry light industry coking municipal administration gas pharmaceutical sewage dealing and many other special in

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QB3100 is a new fire alarm control panel with touch screen, easy for operation and can be used with the gas detectors. The gas touch-control panel and the detectors make up of an industrial gas alarm system. The gas touch-control panel has RS485 signal or 4-20mA signal, so that it can be connected with the PC-PLC for remote monitoring, local monitoring, and field monitor, which improve the monitoring real-time and accuracy. 



    With 32 digit embedded micro processor all the day to day functions are available from the front panel


    System is expandable. For 4-20mA analogue signal the capacity can be 16 channels and for RS485 signal the capacity can be 1 to 48 channel


    The gas controller integrates fully with different gas detector different range and different gas unit


    Non-contact relay output programmable


    999 records of alarm failure


    1 channel of RS485 output for connection with the upper system

Technical Data

Mounted way

 19" rack mounted or wall mounted


 %LEL ppm %VOL


 +- 3%F.S




240*128 dot matrix LED display actual data and system state


 LED displays the alarm and failure audible alarm for gas alarm and system failure.

Output signal

 Non-potential contact(3A/AC220V)

Working ways

 the trouble-free operation



-10~ 50 degree humity


Power supply

 AC220V+ - 15%

Standby power

 5AH continuous power



Cable required

 >= RVVP 2*1.5mm2 3*1.5mm2 or 4*2.5mm2.









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