• QB2000F Gas Detector
  • QB2000F Gas Detector
  • QB2000F Gas Detector
  • QB2000F Gas Detector
  • QB2000F Gas Detector

QB2000F Gas Detector

Gas: Single Gas Like Combustion Gas、Toxic Gas、O2 And So On.

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QB2000F is a 4-20mA/RS485 Signal Wall-Mounted Fixed Oxygen Sensor O2 Gas Detector Alarm Monitor QB2000F which designed to monitor the gas leakage in the working environment continuously by adopting imported catalytic combustion or electro-chemical gas sensors. The detector has excellent sensibility, quite good accuracy, linearity and receptivity; Big English LCD displays the real-time concentration of the leakage gas. With 2 relay output, once the concentration exceed the preset alarm point (threshold), it will start the acoustic-optical alarm and it can drive the external equipment like exhaust fans; Through 4-20mA signal output, it can be directly connected into the factory DCS system, through RS4845 signal output, it can be connected with factory’s principle computer.


It is widely applied to coal, petroleum, electrochemical, phamaceutical, metallurgy, tabacco, railway, tunnel, etc. 





    Adopts advanced 16 digit ultra-low power consumption embedded micro controller


    128*64 dot matrix ultra-large liquid-crystal display


    Replaceable sensor module design


    Automatic calibrating to ensure the detecting accuracy


    Password management and IR remote function


    The optional internal battery backup can work continuously for 24 hours

Technical Data



Detected Gas

Multi gas(Toxic gas combustible gas or oxygenco2 up to 4 gases)



Response Time


Operating temperature



<90%RH no condensation


 LCD indicates real time and system stategas concentrationhistorical data


Audible and visual >=100dB the higher of buzz frequencythe higher gas concentration is


Audible visual


 IR remote control

Sampling method

Natural diffusion

Output signal

RS485 or GPRS optional

Net Weight

3790g(including battery)

Sampling method

Natural diffusion

Anti-explosion Class

Ex d IICT6 Gb


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