• GC510 with inner pump
  • GC510 with inner pump
  • GC510 with inner pump
  • GC510 with inner pump
  • GC510 with inner pump

GC510 with inner pump

GAS: Single Gas Like Combustion Gas、Toxic Gas、O2 And So On.

  • CMC

  • CPA

  • CNEX

  • ISO
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Portable gas detector GC510 is a kind of gas detector which detects toxic gas, combustible gas, oxygen gas, etc in the working application continuously. It is widely applicable to such application where is explosion-proof, toxic gas leakage emergency rescue, underground or mine, etc, so that can guarantee the workers’ life and safety to avoid any violation, the equipment are not affected by the loss.
GC510 can also be equipped with built-in air pump to extract air and test the air sample in the testing area, then transfer the air sample into the gas detector to test, which is with rapid detection speed. Long distance detection can be performed in the dangerous area to guarantee the worker’s safety.
1.STE and TWA monitoring; 2.Atmospheric monitoring; 3.Environmental cleanliness monitoring; 4.Landfill monitoring; 5.Petrochemical industry; 6.Metallurgy, mine; 7.Confined space; 8.Dangerous substances rapid response; 9.Industry paintleakage detection; 10.IAQ monitoring for indoor air quality.



Technical Data



Gas detection

 Combustible Gas


 Catalytic combustion type

Response time


Operating temperature



 5-90%RH no condensation




 Flicker three color LED warning lamp LCD display 90dB pulse output vibration Power supply

 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion battery


Sampling method

 Natural diffusion with flexible probe


 Strong durable and shockproof.


 One-click automatic calibration and automatic zero multi-point calibration can be performed manually.

Data logging







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