• QB10N Gas Detector
  • QB10N Gas Detector
  • QB10N Gas Detector
  • QB10N Gas Detector
  • QB10N Gas Detector

QB10N Gas Detector

Gas: Single Gas Like Combustion Gas、Toxic Gas、O2 And So On.

  • CMC

  • CPA

  • CNEX

  • ISO
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QB10N Fixed Gas Detector/transmitter is used to monitor the combustible gas and toxic gas  in the industrial site and firefighting place. This series has two output for choice, 4-20mA or RS485 communication signal. The products comply with GC15322.1-2003.

With relay output, once the concentration exceed the preset alarm point(threshold) it will start the acoustic-optical alarm on the central unit and drive the external equipment like exhaust fans.


It has been widely used in petrol, chemistry, metallurgy, artifice, gas transportation, biological medicine and water procession etc. 


Technical Data

Working Power

 DC24V (Other power supply please contact us for solutions) Detection Range

 as per gas type( toxic gas and oxygen gas)


Alarm value

 1st alarm as per gas type 2nd alarm as per as type

Respond time


Output Signal

 (4-20)mA or Digital signal


 Yes one passive output relay output. (AC220V 3A)


 LED display

Working temperature


EX Grade

 EXd IIC T6 Gb CNEX certificate


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