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The Charity of Henan Chicheng has been going on

Time: 2021-12-09
On November 24, Su Junhui, Secretary General of Henan student safety relief foundation, Yang Jian, director of fund-raising, and other four people came to Henan Chicheng to send a "public welfare banner for student aid" to Henan Chicheng's charity, and highly praised Chicheng's public welfare behavior of student aid.
In order to ensure that freshmen with difficult family conditions can enter the University smoothly, Chicheng participated in public welfare activities and donated 100000 yuan to send student funds to more than 20 poor students.
Henan Chicheng actively undertakes social responsibility, transmits positive energy for the society, highlights the social responsibility and responsibility of an enterprise, and contributes its own strength to public welfare undertakings.
At the same time, Chicheng also provides paid internships to cultivate college students' sense of social responsibility and mission through professional skill training, so that they can better complete their studies and better adapt to the workplace. In the future, Chicheng will always maintain a sense of responsibility, continue the action of public welfare education and help more people.
All along, Chicheng Electric has paid great attention to the cultivation of talents and advocated innovation and R & D. Over the years, Chi Cheng Electric has always adhered to unity and cooperation, widely trained talents, vigorously promoted the development of industry university research cooperation, successfully reached cooperation with Xi'an University of science and technology, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou Institute of light industry, Zhongyuan Institute of technology and other colleges and universities, and promoted the rapid improvement of the company's scientific and technological level, At the same time, it has promoted the industrialization process of scientific and technological achievements of domestic scientific research institutes and colleges and universities, and established a comprehensive and interactive scientific and technological innovation ecosystem.
Up to now, Chicheng's electrical products have covered 85 countries and regions around the world. The gas detection equipment independently developed and produced by Chicheng has been widely used in many fields, such as petroleum and petrochemical, metallurgy and chemical industry, scientific research institutes, underground pipe corridors, schools and hospitals, constantly detecting the leakage concentration of toxic and harmful gases and escorting millions of users!
The public welfare student aid action has been on the way. Chicheng Electric will keep in mind its original heart and mission, light up teenagers' learning dreams with love and care, and build a dream future for poor college students!
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