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How to choose a suitable gas detector according to the actua

Time: 2022-08-19
Gas detector is a professional instrument for detecting the concentration of toxic and harmful gases, which plays an important role in production and life. However, many consumers do not know how to choose the instrument. There is often a mismatch between the instrument and the use scene, which not only fails to alarm, but also will be investigated and dealt with!
The selection of the gas detector is different according to the use environment. Let's have a look!
How to select the detector when there are toxic and combustible gases at the same time?
For the environment with toxic gas and combustible gas at the same time, the gas detector can be selected according to the following standards:
① If the monitoring object is both combustible gas and toxic gas, it is only necessary to set toxic gas detector.
② If the concentration of combustible gas may exceed 25% of the lower explosive limit and the concentration of toxic gas may reach the upper allowable concentration limit, it is necessary to set combustible gas detector and toxic gas detector at the same time.
③ If the concentration of combustible gas may exceed 25% of the lower explosive limit and the concentration of toxic gas cannot reach the upper limit of allowable concentration, only combustible gas detector is required.
④ If the concentration of combustible gas cannot exceed 25% of the lower explosive limit, and the concentration of toxic gas may reach the upper allowable concentration limit, then only the toxic gas detector needs to be set.

How to choose gas detector in toxic environment?
All possible situations shall be taken into account when selecting the gas detector.
If there are toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide, it is necessary to select a specific toxic gas detector to ensure the safety of personnel.
If there are organic toxic gases (VOCs) and their concentration is low when causing poisoning, such as aromatic hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons (amines), ethers, alcohols, lipids, etc., photoionization gas detectors should be selected instead of LEL detectors, because this may cause personal injury.
How to choose a gas detector when entering a confined space?
Gas detection must be carried out when entering the confined space and outside the confined space.
Oxygen concentration is one of the varieties that must be detected. It is necessary to select a portable gas detector with oxygen detection function to prevent hypoxia or oxygen enrichment, which is small in size and does not affect workers' operation. In addition, after entering the confined space, the gas components in the space shall be continuously detected to prevent the concentration change of volatile organic compounds or other toxic and harmful gases caused by personnel entry, sudden leakage, temperature change, etc. Therefore, four in one and five in one gas detectors are often used.

Do small restaurants choose industrial or household alarm?
For small restaurants, many shops choose to install domestic gas alarms. Is this feasible?
The answer is no, not even small restaurants.
① Different explosion-proof requirements
According to relevant national regulations, the shell of industrial alarm is generally cast aluminum explosion-proof; And the housing for household use is usually a plastic non explosion-proof product. This is the reason why no small restaurant can use household money.
② Different functions
Domestic gas alarm can be linked with domestic solenoid valve and domestic fan; What industrial and commercial places need to linkage is large-scale shut-off valves, exhaust fans and other equipment.
③ Different detection areas
The single detection area of industrial and commercial combustible gas detectors is generally about 20 square meters. Users can increase the detectors according to the area, while the domestic combustible gas alarm is about 10 square meters.
④ Can multiple points be arranged
The industrial and commercial combustible gas alarm can also be arranged at multiple points according to the detection requirements, and the alarm controller can be used for centralized monitoring to realize remote monitoring and management. The combustible gas alarm of the household version is only a single independent alarm reminder.
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