• GC610 Portable gas detector
  • GC610 Portable gas detector
  • GC610 Portable gas detector
  • GC610 Portable gas detector
  • GC610 Portable gas detector

GC610 Portable gas detector

GAS: Up to 5 Multiple Gases Like To Toxic Gas、Combustion Gas or O2 And So On.

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  • CPA

  • CNEX

  • ISO
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GC610 is a portable multi gas detector for multi-gases(up to 5 gases) leak detection. It can be set with catalytic combustion,electrochemical,PID,Infrared sensor. The normal gases detected are CO2, CO, H2S, O2, LEL(CH4O)while it can be set to monitor other four gases. GC610 has large OLED screen and two instant alarms with audio/visual and vibratory indicators, making it a favorite indicator for operators working in demanding industrial environments.

APPLICATION: STEL and TWA monitoring; Atmosphere monitoring; Monitoring for cleanliness of environment; Petroleum and chemical plant; Entering of sealing space; Quick respond for dangerous substance/ chemical weapon; Industrial paints; Leakage detecting; IAQ monitoring of indoor air quality; Soil pollution monitoring



Technical Data



Gas Detection

 Up to 5 gases in one device(Toxic gas combustible gas or oxygen) Gas Range

 As per request


Indication Accuracy


Operating Temperature


Working Time

 >10h for combustible gas >500h for toxic gas

IP Rating


Explosion Proof

 Ex ia IIC T4 Gb


 OLED.1.92 inch


 Flicker three color LED warning lamp LCD display 90dB pulse output vibration.

Power Supply

 3.7V 5000mA rechargeable Li-ion battery

Charging Time



 Up to 10 points calibration. One-click automatic calibration and automatic zero multi-point calibration can be performed manually. Sampling Method

 Natural diffusion



 Strong durable and shockproof.

Data logging

 1000.Alarm data Operation data and Fault data Communication






 460g(battery included)


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